Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Wildwood a timeshare?
Absolutely not, all lots are deeded real estate property.
Is the property open to the public?
No. Wildwood is a private, gated community.
What is the average size of the lots?
Lots vary in size, but the average lot size is 50x100.
What is the average cost of a lot?
The cost of the lots depend on size, location, and condition.
Does Wildwood offer financing?
Yes. You can finance a Wildwood lot for 20% down, plus closing costs. The interest rate is 10% per year with no pre-payment penalty.
If I purchase an unimproved lot from Wildwood, is there anyone that can help me with cleaning and improvement?
Yes, Wildwood Services has an extensive list of jobs that they will perform for nominal charges. The list includes everything from digging water lines, to installing permanent holding tanks, to delivering and spreading gravel.
Is water and electric available on each lot?
Yes. You can order electric service from Callaway Electric Cooperative. We have our own water system supplied by a well. There is a one time charge for installing a hydrant, but there are no usage fees for water. Our water is tested monthly by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.
Do you have public restrooms and shower facilities?
Yes. We have comfort stations located in various areas of the park.
How many lakes do you have?
We have 10 fishing lakes. The location of the lakes can be found on the Resort Layout page. Our two largest lakes have boat ramps. Boats are allowed on our lakes, but motors are limited to 10hp.
Are the fishing lakes stocked?
Yes. The lakes are regularly stocked and maintained as necessary by the LCLCC with the assistance and recommendations of the Missouri Department of Conservation.
What kind of fishing is available and what are the regulations?
We have Bass, Catfish, Bluegill, Crappie and a variety of Bream or Sunfish. We work closely with the Missouri Department of Conservation and adhere to their recommendations regarding limits in order to maintain a good fishery for all to enjoy. There is a 12-15” slot limit on Bass, and Catfish must be at least 18 inches in length. Fishing regulations are posted at each lake.
From the pictures you have shown, it looks like there would a lot of wild game in the area. Is hunting allowed?
Hunting or the discharge of any firearm in the park is not allowed, other than at the shooting and archery range. No weapon can be uncased in the park. Reform Wildlife Refuge is nearby and hunting is allowed there. We value the fact that we can view the wildlife in their natural habitat and enjoy their beauty. Quite often you will see Deer, Turkey, Fox and other animals just roaming around in the park.
Do you have ATV trails?
Yes. ATVs, UTVs, Dirt Bikes and Dune Buggies have designated riding areas which include the Clay Pits, and 400 acres of undeveloped property owned by the Association. All ATVs must be inspected and registered yearly with the Association office. ATVs and other vehicles must observe all rules, regulations, speed limits and quiet hours while in the park. The speed limit inside Wildwood is 20mph.
Can you swim in the lakes?
You can swim at your own risk in the lakes, but attendants are not available at the lakes. We have an Olympic-size pool that is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Pool attendants monitor the activity at the pool, but are not qualified lifeguards.
Do you have a chapel?
Yes. We have an outdoor chapel and services are scheduled for Sunday mornings at 10:00am (May through September), depending on attendance. All Christian faiths are welcome to attend.

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