Lost Canyon Lakes Conservation Club

The Lost Canyon Lakes Conservation Club (LCLCC) was formed by lot owners in 1978, with the intention of coming together to support conservation and sportsmanship. The LCLCC helps the Wildwood Lot Owners Association (WLOA) by sponsoring many activities that fund improvements to the park, and provide fun for lot owners and their families.

Since January, 1994, the LCLCC has done many things to improve the appearance of Wildwood. For example, the LCLCC’s bingo games have generated in excess of $61,000 that went directly to the benefit of WLOA.

Following are the programs that the LCLCC has been responsible for and continues to maintain:

All of these programs are possible because of the time and effort put in voluntarily by the LCLCC members. Because of them, Wildwood is an enjoyable place for everyone. .

Any lot owner can become a member. Just see one of our members during a sponsored event, or come to our next scheduled meeting. The meetings are held on the second Sunday of every month at Noon, in the Clubhouse. All you need to do to become a member is to become a lot owner and pay a small annual membership fee. Currently, our membership fees are as follows:

Come join us! You’ll have a great time at our events and you’ll be helping Wildwood!