Application – Park Council Representative

Application – Park Council Representative


Qualifications to run for Park Council (From Bylaws Section7):

7.3.1 All persons seeking to have their names placed on the official ballot for potential election to the Council shall be a ‘Member Eligible to Run for Election,’ (see Definition ‘q’), and have been a member of the Association a minimum of one (1) year.

7.3.2 All members desiring to have their names on the official ballot for elections as a Representative must register their intent with the Office between June 1st and July 31st, of the current year. Application forms are available at the Office.

7.3.3 The names of perspective candidates shall be placed on the ballot by order of completed applications received by the Office after verification of eligibility by the Internal Affairs Chairperson or delegate, the Board liaison to the Internal Affairs Committee or delegate and office personnel.

Definition q: “Members Eligible to Run for Election” means member who has all assessments, loans and fees for services paid current and agreed on time during current election year.

NOTE: By completing this form, the application is sent to the Office email.


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