Vendor Information

Vendor Information

In an effort to assist Lot Owners and Vendors with projects throughout WLOA, Park Council has developed a Preferred Vendor Program. This program will allow vendors to enter the park unassisted during normal hours of operation. If you are having a vendor come into the park, please become familiar with the parameters of this program. Lot Owners are encouraged to recommend vendors to this program by sending an email to the Vendor Committee (see below).

If you are a vendor who would like to gain access to the park, please see the vendor form (linked below) to apply for Preferred Vendor status. Vendors without Preferred status are still allowed in the park but must be escorted by the lot owner at all times. 

Process to become a Preferred Vendor:

Recommendations for preferred vendor status must be directed to or the Vendor may download the form linked below.

The Vendor Committee will monitor the g-mail account and create a vendor file for each recommended vendor. They will e-mail an initial letter to each proposed vendor along with the Vendor Application if a Lot Owner has sent in the recommendation. Vendor will be placed on “pending approval” status while the application is being processed.

When the vendor application is received back, The Committee will examine documents for completion and conduct a background check with the BBB and to ensure it is a reputable company/person. A successful background check is required to become a preferred vendor.

Once the Committee has verified adherence to our requirements and completed the vetting, they will update the vendor list status from “pending approval” to “preferred” and send an approval letter to the vendor. 

The vendor list will be maintained by The Committee but stored on the WLOA Website so everyone has access to view it.

Revocation of Preferred Vendor Status:

It is the Lot Owners responsibility to resolve issues with the Vendor. A vendor’s Preferred status can be revoked at any time due to problems that remain unresolved with the Lot Owner 60 days after the problem was reported by the lot owner to the vendor.  This includes problems such as breach of contract, quality issues or accidental property damage. Any such problem should be reported via e-mail to once the problem has remained unresolved for 60 days, at which time Preferred status may be revoked. Other problems such as theft should be reported immediately via e-mail and reported to Security. Theft will result in immediate revocation of preferred status.

Lot Owner’s Responsibilities:

Lot owners are to notify the Park Administrator of vendor projects and the dates the vendor is expected to be in the park.

During normal office hours, the preferred vendor will be allowed access in to and out of the park by the gate attendant or office employee as long as they show their vendor pass.

Lot owners are responsible for letting the vendor in/out of the park when outside of regular office hours or if a campground host is unavailable to do so.

Vendor Applications can be found here.

Current Approved Vendor List