Algae Bloom – Big Lake (UPDATE – 7/28/2020)

Algae Bloom – Big Lake (UPDATE – 7/28/2020)

Friday & Monday the Board had conversations with Missouri Conservation Dept & Health Department. This was the result of a lot owner reporting the blue green algae to the Missouri Dept of Conservation. As explained today by the Health Department, blue green algae is common when there is a combination of hot temperatures and non-moving water.

Shortly after the picture was submitted to the government agency we had a rain that washed the algae down stream. In the conversation on Monday (the 27th) with the 2nd government agency, Health & Human Services, Greg had minimal concerns. He explained how it happens and a couple of unofficial tests that can be run to possibly determine if the algae is just common algae or blue green algae. The situation was explained, along with advising to post signs at all comfort stations and lakes. The Association posted the documents Saturday morning as suggested. 

The State of Missouri has no regulations pertaining to blue green algae. Greg’s suggestion – “When in doubt stay out.”

As always, all of our lakes are “swim at your own risk” bodies of water.



We’ve been made aware of some algae in the Canyon View Lake, between the boat ramp and the dock that is potentially harmful. The Dept. of Natural Resources is aware and we are trying to consult with the Health Department for advice.

We’re asking everyone, FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY, PLEASE STAY OUT OF CANYON VIEW LAKE until further notice. We want to make sure with the Health Department that it’s safe to go in.

We will keep you advised as we learn more.


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